happy horse

Happy Feet!

Horses Love Our Flexible Horseshoes! Metal shoes prevent over 80% of the blood flow that circulates from the hoof to the knee and hock when running or even walking!!! A barefoot horse’s hooves naturally flex, pumping their blood back up the leg. The vibration and shock caused by metal shoes is very intense and harmful and doesn’t let the hove flex as needed. You can easily prove this increased shock to your self by slamming your barefoot down on cement, then slamming your barefoot with a 1/4 inch piece of metal below your foot with the same force. Simple common sense tells you with the metal under your foot it will surely hurt much more. The shock and vibration is substantially greater too! Vibration and shock is what causes over 80% of ALL the lameness in the knee, tendon, ankle, pastern, hock and of course the hoof. The old saying “No Hoof; No Horse” is very true! NanoFlex shoes are as close to barefoot as you can get!!! These shoes will help over 95% of ALL horses!!! “JUST SIMPLE COMMON SENSE” You’ll also notice an increase in happiness in your horse as the difference is very noticeable to them.

As far as race horses are concerned, in a mile race, over 80% will go over one second faster!!! I don’t say to put it on all your horses at once, but the common sense thing to do is try them on one horse at a time. Let each horse show you all the above is true! Think of the money you will save on your vet bills and the amount of extra money each horse will earn. The metal shoes are barbaric and go against what nature intended, which is letting the hoof, twist, open, close, and move in every direction. When the frog hits the ground it pumps very little blood. When it is allowed to open and close naturally is when you see the 80% blood circulation increase. Again, “JUST SIMPLE COMMON SENSE” (google “barefoot horse” for interesting stuff).