metal horseshoes bad for your horse

We are currently gathering information regarding the continued use of metal horseshoes. So far it’s looking pretty bad to say the least. In our findings thus far, we can say metal horseshoes are an old barbaric antiquated way to care for your horse. They cause more damage than they do good. The number one worst thing they do is not let the hoof flex. A horse’s hoof needs to flex to pump blood through its leg. Over 70% of all horse lameness is caused by metal shoes and directly related to poor circulation. The second worst thing it does to your horse is transfer shock through the foot to the horses bones, adding to the lameness over time. This also induces pain. Think about it. Take a metal shoe in your hand and slam it on a table. You’ll only want to do it just once as it causes too much pain to do it again. Then take our Nanoflex flexible horseshoe and do the same. You get the picture. Now why would you want to continue torturing your horse!!!

On average over 700 horses die each year due to lameness related injuries. For me, that’s enough to start up a petition to band metal shoes. We are in the process of putting together such a petition that will help stop the use of metal horseshoes. We created our shoe over 12 years ago, already knowing how barbaric metal shoes were. What we didn’t realize was the number of deaths it had cause to date. To be honest, we were trying to create a faster shoe as we have been involved in horse racing for many years, decades actually. It was amazing to see the reaction of our first few horses when we put the first pair on. They actually got excited and you could see they were very happy! We later came across research about the blood flow and knew we had a winner! We actually started winning races due to our lighter, more flexible shoes!

If you are interested in being notified of when we are ready to release our campaign, please leave your email with us and we will let you know when and were to go online to sign-up. Rest assured we will not sell or share your info to anyone.