NanoFlex Horseshoes have been tested mainly on race horse with amazing results. As of December 2013 they have been tested on over 200 horses in training, with over 2000 miles of use. Successfully wearing like aluminum and staying on an average of 6 weeks. The reason for testing on Race horses is a race horse gives the shoes a beating by running well over 25 miles per week. Most all other horses do not abuse shoes like race horses. If it works on race horses it will surely work on most other horses. As far as in an actual horse race, they have been used on over 200 races, with 30 starts with 18 wins, 6 seconds, and 3 thirds. Amazingly over 80% have won their first start. It’s just like a person wearing size 9 shoe with 10 size foot. As soon as you remove his size 9 shoes and put on size 10 shoes he feels the difference IMMEDIATELY. The NanoFlex shoes were put on a 19 year old pleasure horse. As soon as the shoeing was done, the horse took off on a run, bucked and squealed. The owner’s face showed she never saw the horse act like that. She didn’t have to say a word. The proof is in the pudding. Just try a set and let your horse talk. You, and especially your horse, will be amazed. If only a horse could talk or smile. Disclaimer: The claims made on this website are based on manufacturer documentation believed to be reliable. NanoFlex Inc. makes no claim that there is a scientific consensus regarding these products. The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.