Mr. Ed, the Talking Horse.
You could ask him anything!

  • 1. How long do they last? They wear like aluminum. They stay on about 5 to 8 weeks.
  • 2. Do they need any kind of grab? No.
  • 3. What is the material? Polyurethane, using Nanotechnology.
  • 4. Does heat or cold effect them? No.
  • 5. Can they be reset? Yes.
  • 6. What about sizes? One size fits all.
  • 7. Is it better to glue or nail? It is better to glue. When nailing use 4 nails on both sides and one in the center of the toe. Hammer all nails flush with the top of the shoe.
  • 8. What is the main difference between Metal and the “NanoFlex” shoes? Lameness Prevention! – Much more Blood Circulating – Better Gait! – More Speed! – Less labor More Comfort – NIGHT & DAY BETTER!!!
  • 9. Are the “NanoFlex” shoes for ALL horses? Over 90%.
  • 10. What about traction? Our new shoes are designed to grip the hoof and stay on better than most any other shoe, while the bottom is like a sneaker, having excellent grip for better traction.
  • 11. What did Mr. Ed say? Thank you, it’s about time! These are GrrrREAT!!! Don’t tell Toni the Tiger that I stole his line… wehehehe!