Screen Play:


MONEY is gone with the wind.

Opening scene – – – The White House.

A top adviser to the president and the president are speaking on the telephone.

Top advisor – Mr. Pres. we have a grave situation.

Pres. – What is it.

Top advisor – A person who says his name is John Filipelli Jr. Is threatening he can kill everyone in the United States in a very short period of time.

Pres. – He’s bluffing

Top advisor-- He said he's going to prove it by making many people around Washington DC sick, but not die. He said it’s a poisonous vapor, invisible and undetectable.

Pres. – I don’t believe it but check him out.

Next scene –The next day hundreds of politicians and other people get very sick around Washington DC . Ambulances are taking many people to hospitals. People are collapsing in the streets.

Next scene – top advisor on phone to president.


Top advisor – I guess he’s not bluffing, he wants $1 billion dollars in three days in front of the White House. He wants it all televised and is going to give a speech.

Pres. – Get all our top advisers to meet in six hours. Does he have a rap sheet.

Top advisor – No he doesn’t, he’s just a horse trainer and has a few inventions.

Next scene-

Pres. – speaking to his top advisers. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Top advisor – I don’t think we have a choice, but to pay. He says he’s coming in person and wants it all to be televised all over the United States . If he is arrested or killed the deaths will start immediately, he says he has a small army ready to do so.

Another advisor – I agree we have to pay and hope for the best.

The camera goes around the room to each advisor and each nod their head in agreement to pay.

Next scene – the president is giving a televised speech.


President – in three days from now on Thursday morning we have no choice but to have $1 billion dollars in front of the White House. A person has the power to kill everyone in the whole country. It will be televised at his request. There is nothing else to say at this point. There will be no questions right now. Most likely Thursday night I will be giving a press conference.

Next scene – a family watching TV. – –

The father – this could be doomsday.

The mother – I’m scared, let’s call as many of our family as possible and watch it together.

The father – that’s a good idea.

Another family –

The father – this might make 9/11 look like a picnic.

Next scene – the camera shows very few are going to work on Thursday. Over 200 million people are watching television.

Next scene – John Filipelli is arriving at the White House in a limousine. He exits the car carrying a gas can. He slowly walks towards the money. Everyone is totally silent. He pours gasoline on the money and lights it. Everyone is in total shock.


Next scene- A Neighborhood bar –

A drunk – go Johnny go would you like to burn all my money and take a $10 bill off from the bar and hold it up and laughs.

Another drunk – this is what the country needs, an awakening, fuck all of scumbag politicians and their money.

Another bar patron – I don’t get it, anyone with that kind of power would want the money for himself. What’s his angle, maybe he wants his face on all the bills.

Bartender – did you see 60 minutes the other day, some senators and congressmen go into office having a couple hundred thousand dollars, and six years later having millions. They make the laws that move stocks up big time. They buy these stocks before the public gets an inkling on that information. The best part is they pass the laws that make it legal to do so.

Next scene – –Filipelli giving a speech.

The person in the bar IS right. anyone with this power would want money. I do not want money. I want fairness and happiness for all! in the Bible there is a quote “For the love of money is the root to all evil” The Bible also says some day there will


be no more money. maybe this is the time. No more money means, there will be no more robberies of any kind, No more wall street, No more salesmen, they will be replaced by order takers, no more con men, no more organized crime, no more kidnapping for ransom, no more welfare, no more homeless, no more hunger, no more identity theft, no more corrupt politicians, NO more telemarketing, NO more insurance of any kind, no more commercials, and no more income tax or any kind of taxes etc. mow for some good stuff-- ALL schooling, medical, DENTAL, electric, phone, garbage, water, will be free. By now most of you are watching and saying he’s nuts, crazy, and insane, but I don’t think anyone is turning off their televisions. IT does not take 250 million people to run this beautiful country. It only takes approximately 80 million people to run this country. once money is eliminated the only stuff that is needed is food, transportation, housing, water, and electricity etc. other stuff like televisions, vacations, restaurants, boats, planes, cell phones, and computers can still be had with no money. money is not needed to make any of the above stuff. men and women make it. Of course now you’re saying, who is going to make anything without receiving money. You’re 100% right. very few, so here’s the way it works.

There will be three categories, first category will receive 2000 points per month, second category will receive 6000 points per month, and the last category


will receive 12,000 points per month. people that want to work part-time or don’t want to work at all, will receive 2000 points a month. the 6,000 point category which will include secretaries, white and blue collar workers, easy jobs, sports figures, models, and movie stars etc. The 12,000 point category will be ditch diggers, garbage workers, doctors, dentists, and any job it takes extra schooling or is dirty and disgusting.

Each point is about equal to 1 ½ dollars.

If you total up all the money that 95% of us have, its equal to about what the top one percent have. That’s sick! these 1% will hate me. Some will kill themselves like in 1929. I say “Fuckem”. Money should not be there God. some people that are not in the 1%, but let’s say are well-off, will also hate me but what they’re really saying is “I don’t care about murders and kidnappings, robberies, identity theft, the homeless, etc. unless it has to do with me. In my opinion these people are also sick. Over 90% will soon realize the only and I mean only way to save this country is to eliminate money!

Over 90% of all crimes have to do with money and or drugs! That’s a fact! I want to say it again, Over 90% of all crimes have to do with money and or drugs. Therefore all drugs have to be legalized. Over 90% of all murders would stop. One hundred percent of all kidnappings for ransom would stop. All robberies would stop. All identity theft, all homeless, there would be no more hunger!. people who


choose category one would not have to work at all and still receive their 2000 points every month. Some garbage and sewer workers will choose this category, quit their jobs and do nothing and collected 2000 points per month, but I don’t believe most will choose making 2000 points per month and do nothing. I believe most people with demeaning jobs will continue what they’re doing and collect 12,000 points instead of 2,000 points per month. The amount of points in each category can change to more or less AS needed. The key to the point system is the points must disappear when spent. Let’s say you purchase a bedroom set, The order taker gets no commission, no one gets those points that are spent, they just disappear. The order taker gets 6000 points every month, and the owner of the furniture store gets 6000 points every month. He just runs the business, he doesn’t pay for the inventory. The manufacturer makes the furniture and received 6000 points per month. He makes no profit. The workers in the factory get their 6000 points per month and so on. Making the points disappear is the key. It would not work if they didn’t disappear, because then there could still be people with too much power.

Everyone must turn in all their money and received that amount IN points. No one can receive more than 1 million points no matter how much money they have, even if it’s billions. Also no one can save more than 1 million points, this way no one can


become too rich or too powerful. Being it only takes about 80 million people to properly and fairly run this country, there will be about 60 or so percent unemployment. Traffic every day will be like Sunday. All companies today spend about 50% of their income on advertisements. All newspapers and magazines have about 70%. Advertisements Out of the 250 million workers that are working today, approximately 80 million have jobs that have to do with advertising. these jobs are eliminated. Another 80 million people have jobs that are totally unnecessary, like jobs in banks, unemployment offices, welfare offices, insurance offices, wall street jobs, and bull shit government jobs etc. The 80 million people that would be working would only have to work apx. 6 hours a day four days a week, and possibly less.

Today’s school system stinks. history, geography, algebra, and science will be eliminated and replaced by nutrition and disease prevention. History, geography, science, and algebra will only be taught in college and only if the students want them. It will not be mandatory. Other teachings will be how to share and care for one another, and how bad drugs and alcohol are. There will be no more soda machines in school. Your kids are having nine spoons of sugar in every drink of soda. School lunches shouldn’t be fed to animals.


All schooling will be free, including books and lunch.

Today’s justice system really stinks. some, prosecutors are the lowest scumbags on earth. they don’t care if the person is innocent, they just want to win. It’s amazing how they can sleep at night. defense attorneys are also bad, not as bad as the DA’s. The bottom line is approximately 35% of all inmates are innocent, and 35% of people that are guilty are not in prison. All the red tape and bullshit, some trials takes weeks or months, then at the end of the trial, it’s still not sure if the person is guilty or innocent. The new system WILL be night and day better, not perfect, but much better and much fairer. It will be lie and speech detector tests. No more DA’s or defense attorneys. All inmates will take a lie and speech detector tests. If they pass, they are released and considered innocent.. If they fail they are guilty. It would take one day. If the test comes up inconclusive, then an impartial panel of five will determine the guilt or innocence. Today we live in a rat race drug infested, dog eat dog, money hungry, non caring, rotten lowlife, declining rut society. when I say in a rut, I mean we are still building planes with seats to move 3 inches up or 3 inches down. That’s pretty dumb. WE build bridges, we build skyscrapers, we go to the moon, but when it comes to simple things like things like gas being $3.57.9, instead of $3.58 a


gallon, that’s being in a rut. also, how about when the police arrest somebody, throw them on the floor, kick him, hurt him, treat him like a piece of garbage, then when they put them in the car, they say watch your head and they put their hand on the top of his head so he doesn’t hurt his head. It’s just being in a dumb rut.

There will be a new name for prostitutes, they will be called “lovies” and it will be legal. When two people consent to make love, it will not be a crime. Unemployment offices, banks, insurance offices etc. will be turned into places where people can go have sex and legally buy all kinds of drugs. It will be like a resort or hotel where anyone over 18 can enjoying themselves. there will be doctors, nurses, counselors to help anyone that would like to get off drugs. Customers and lovies will be tested for diseases often. Today, what happens when a addict runs out of drugs, They rob hurt, and maybe murder someone to get money for more drugs. A lot of people that take drugs are unhappy, not content, and don’t have enough money. Some want to forget their miserable life. With my system, most all these people can now be content and happy and get A minimum of 2000 points per month and hopefully get off drugs. THERE will be no more drug smuggling, no more drug dealers, we will now start to live in a peaceful loving, caring giving happy and content nonviolent society. I believe there


will be less drugs taken with the new system today there is approximately 5% superrich 20% rich 50% middle class and 25% poor. It used to be the rich get rich and the poor get poorer, now it’s the rich get super rich are the middle class gets poor.

Guns will stay legal, but bullets will be illegal. There will be serious penalties for having bullets.

Everyone can afford a place to live, a car, food, and every day, necessities because everyone receives a minimum of 2000 points PER month, which is equal to about $3000.

There will only be one type of gas at two points per gallon WE won’t need any foreign oil. We will be self sufficient.

Every day the traffic will look like Sunday’s traffic. Within five years all cars will be hybrid. No more CEOs and presidents of companies making millions. No more movie stars and athletes getting millions. comparing a person making millions a month to another making12,000 points a month, it’s really not that much difference, because both can eat the same, sleep the same, or maybe even have better sleep with points. Both will have the same type of pants with two legs. they both can own a comfortable car. but they can’t buy a dream team and pay their way to innocence. We won’t need to have hundreds of types


of cars, only a dozen or so. No more dog eat dog competition. Order takers will actually help you buy a car because he’s not getting a commission. He gets his 6000 points per month.

Everyone will receive one credit card with their social security number and picture on it. No more coins, paper money, checks, or stocks and bonds. No more democratic parties and republican parties with noisemakers and two-year-old birthday hats jumping up and down screaming we won we won. No more greedy politicians. There will be an unexplained feeling in the air. We will have a country to be proud of, and be able to trust our government and our politicians. There will be love, respect, honest, sharing caring with pride and honesty. There will be much less hate, jealousy, fear, and worry. The only thing we have to pay for with the points is food transportation, vacations, housing, furniture, electronics, appliances, and clothing etc.

No one will own land, it will just be there. No investments of any kind. All jewelry will be costume jewelry. There will be no more multi-millionaires. it will just be a fair and just society. No need for telethon or charities. No more April 15th.

If we have too many people that don’t want to work and want to do nothing, we can lower the 2,000 point category. On the other hand, if we don’t have enough


People to work in the dirty positions, we will raise the 12,000 point category.

Most people make up their minds and take a stand to fast. Stay open-minded, evaluating deeply before coming to your conclusion about this great new system. I know I’m talking to a deaf ear when it comes to most of the super rich. I will make another speech one year from now. I wish everyone the best and bring your kids up to be more like Jesus

ONE year anniversary at the speech

Next scene – Two newscasters, one woman and one man Joan Winters and Sam Lacy

Joan – Well it’s the one-year anniversary of our new disappearing point system. There have been only12 suicides attributed to the change, and there were only 50 murders in this past year. In previous years there were hundred’s of suicides and hundred’s of murders. There was not one robbery, burglary, or kidnapping for ransom. There has been no organized, crime, and no identity theft. One of the greatest changes is no more drug dealing or smuggling. Amazingly people are taking approximately 10%


less drugs IN the past year even though there are legal. There were 70% LESS drug overdoses.

SAM – I guess John Filipelli was right, many people thought he was crazy. I have to admit I said it would never work. Let’s look at the 8 AM Monday morning traffic.

CAMERA pans road ways and the downtown area. It looks like Sunday morning. Camera pans to a gas station showing no more signs of what type of gas. The signs just show saying gas at two points a gallon. Camera shows billboards saying “Caring and Sharing” Another sign saying “Have a blessed day” “Honor thy father and mother” It’s better to give than receive”

Today we have in our studio Ophra Winfrey and Donald trump, John Filipelli Jr. and Alan Green.

SAM – Donald, so how do you like this new system.

DONALD – When Filipelli first introduced the disappearing point system, I laughed and laughed. I thought he was nuts. As I saw it start to work, I now not only put up with it, but actually enjoyed it. I have so much less stress and worry.

SAM – WHAT do you think about no taxes and no insurance.


DONALD – it’s mind-boggling how this system wasn’t put into effect years ago. I think it’s genius how there can be no taxes and no insurance

Sam – What about our school and justice system

Donald – also genius how we have many more and much better teachers with approximately 10 students per class. As for the justice system is not perfect but it’s night and day better than the old system

Sam – thank you Donald.

Donald – you’re welcome Sam.

Joan – I like the part where I don’t have to say “stay tuned will be right back”, we have no more commercials.

Please Welcome Oprah

Oprah – hi Joan

Joan – what’s your opinion about this new system.

Oprah-- I had mixed feelings about the change, but the more I realize how many people it effected, especially the hungry and homeless children. I 100% agree with the change. in this last year I also realize money would be fine, but just like the Bible says it’s


“for the love of money” that’s evil. Money made many people too rich, too powerful and too greedy, which caused our whole economy system to face possible collapse. Obama tried to make changes, but these changes were like taking fish from the ocean and dumping them into rivers, which eventually flowed back into the ocean. We are all brothers and sister’s, let’s try to act like one big happy unselfish family.

Joan – is there anything you dislike about the disappearing points.

Oprah – no, the most amazing point is legalizing drugs. I totally disagreed with that, but I was proven wrong, when in the past year there has been less overdoses and less drugs taken, not to mention no more drug dealers and smugglers. I am content, happy and love the change.

Joan – thank you Oprah

Now I’d like to introduce Mr. Alan Green.

Alan comes out wearing a suit and tie.

Joan—Hi Alan

Alan—Hello Joan


Joan-- I don’t have to ask you if you like the change Alan, but tell everyone what were you doing a year ago.

Alan – for 10 years I was a wino living under a bridge.

Camera shot of Allen sleeping under a bridge.

Alan--Now I’m getting 2000 points per month. I thought it was a dream. I was shown how these points could buy clothes an apartment a car, a TV, furniture, etc. it was just totally mind-boggling. Now I’m working and helping others drunk and homeless and I received 6000 points per month. I’m also going to school to become a teacher. If money ever comes back I go back to the wine.

Joan – thank you Mr. Green

Sam – our last guest is John Filipelli Jr. the person who threatened the president. Hello John

John – thank you for having me Sam

Sam-- okay John what made you come up with this idea

John – it was back in 1993 when Clinton was president. I started to write a movie about the economy. I thought of the catching title, it was going


to be “Maybe he should have inhaled”. I wrote about 20 or so pages and stop writing.

Sam – then what did you do.

John – I went back to training horses and my inventions. Then in 2010 when I saw the writing on the wall, showing the direction where our country was headed, I began to finish the movie. I invented an invisible undetectable poisonous vapor that could kill people or animals and also vegetation. That’s when I came up with the idea to threaten the president. Here we are one year later and almost everyone loves the new system.

Sam – what are you up to these days John?

John – I gladly accept my 6000 points per month, I train my racehorses sell my flexible horseshoe invention. I watch my children and grandchildren grow up, and I am very happy and content.

Sam – I think you deserve the highest amount of points, 12,000 point category.

John – I disagree, the people who get the 12,000 points have hard labor jobs or really dirty jobs or people like doctors that have to go to many years of schooling. I love training horses and it is not a job just


like the athletes don’t have a job. I am very content with my six thousands points.

Next scene-- A wife and son at home watching that news on TV

Julie the wife – Julie gets up and shuts the TV. Where are you going.

Joey the sun – I’m going to my retirement and birthday party

Julie – what?

Joey – I turn 18 tomorrow and I get my first 2000 points, and I’m retiring.

Julie – you never worked in your life.

Joey so what, I’m still retiring.

As Joey opens the front door to go out in comes his father, Joe.

Julie – hi honey

Joe – hi hun, the reason I’m late, I stopped at our neighbors and screwed Harry’s wife Betty, Harry said he would like to be with you and come over tonight give you a good screwing.


Julie – why not, I only did the mailman and the paper boy today, but I would love to for Harry to screw me good, seriously Joe, why are you late

Joe – I had to work late.

Julie before these points came along, you may $10,000 a month, points are bull shit.

Joe-- when you realize all schooling, all medical, are free and we pay no taxes of any kind, plus no phone, water, garbage and electric bills, there’s no comparison between points and money we do much better with my 6000 points and your 2000 points.

Julie – yeah I guess you’re right

Joe – you want to go to the trotters tonight

Julie – sure why not

Next scene – Joe and Julie walking into the racetrack they hand their one and only credit card as they enter

Joe – asking security – how does these points work at the track


Security – everyone over 18 is given tickets worth 500 points. You bet these tickets on the races. The top winners receive a trip to Hawaii.

Joe – That’s pretty neat.

Julie – let’s but the whole 500 points on number four

Joe – if he loses when done for the night. Why number four

Julie I like the name of the horse, “Retire at 18” oh I didn’t tell you Joey is getting his first 2000 points tomorrow and he is going to retire.

Joe – The kid never worked a day in his life.

Julie—That’s what I said.

They bet the 500 points on number four who finishes last

Joe – let’s get out of hear.

Next scene – Joe and Julie driving home, they pass an old Bank of America building. The sign on the building says “love and drug emporium”.

Joe-- that used to be a Bank of America


Julie – let’s stop in and see what’s going on

Next scene – inside the emporium it camera shows nurses, doctors, counselors, drug addicts, lovies, and these customers, mostly men, some couples, and some woman.

Joe – it looks like a first-class hotel lobby with private rooms in the back.

In the lobby there a windows where people can go up to and by any drugs or alcohol they want. Above each window there are signs like marijuana beer mixed drinks cocaine heroin methadone pills etc. There are card tables and hot tubs.

Counselor – is this your first time here.

Joe Yep, first time,

Counselor – let me tell you about this great place. Is this your wife

Joe – 22 years

Counselor – do either of you do drugs

Joe – years ago we did a little cocaine and pot.


Counselor – we advise everyone not to do any drugs but it’s up to you.

Julie – let’s smoke a joint Joe.

Joe why not – what about those girls on the hookers?

Counselor – they’re called lovies. They are checked often for diseases. it cost 200 points per hour. Each lovie receives 6000 points every month. We have a lot of drur addicts on our withdrawal program. Some are satisfied taking marijuana and beer. They collect 2000 points a month and live relaxing life. Some go back to work and then receive 6,000 points a month, and some even go on back to school and earned 12,000 points a month.

Julie – now that Joey’s leaving maybe I should become a lovie and earned 6000 points instead of 2000.

Joe – that’s a good idea the extra 4000 points I can get a Porsche which I always wanted.

Julie – hits Joe with her purse.

Joe I was just kidding, it doesn’t have the be a Porsche, a Cadillac is fine.


Julie – Okay wiseguy I’m really going to try it out starting right now – – Julie goes into the ladies room and does a Jamie Lee Curtis “True lies” move and hangs out with the other lovies.

Joe – Are you serious

Julie—It doesn’t wear out.I’ll save some for you.

Joe – if you do that I’m taking one of those hookers and give her a good one.

Julie – where not hookers we are lovies. Did you bring your Viagra otherwise you’re going to disappoint her.

next scene – Joe and Julie making love to lovies.

next scene – Joe and Julie driving home.

Julie – I love you Joe but that was fun. I think life’s too short not to experience different things. How was your experience

Joe – I didn’t need any Viagra and it was great.

Next scene – the car lot with Joey works

Joey – talking to a co worker – so how do you like the points system Jack


Jack –I fucken love it. I don’t have to fucken bull shit anyone. I actually try and help people pick the right fucken car. Every month like clockwork I get my fucken 6000 points, like I said I fucken love it.

Joey – Jack did you hear about the leaders of four gangs meeting at the White House.

Jack—yep, there meeting with that guy Filipelli, he’s the one that came up with the idea of getting rid of the fucken money.

Joey – it should be an interesting meeting.

Next scene – the leaders and Fiipelli in a room at the White House.

John F – speaking to the four leaders –would you all agree that life is short.

Four leaders – all agree and nod their heads

John F – if you had to choose between happiness and contentment or perfect health, or huge wealth what would you choose. But you wouldn’t have the other two

All four take very wealthy


John F – you all answered too fast. Remember you don’t get the other two. What good is it if you wealthy, but not content, or happy and you very

unhealthy. If you stop and think you have to pick happy and content.

They all look at each other and before they answer,

John F-- Who believes in the death penalty.

Two leaders say yes two leaders say no

John F-- Again you answered too fast. In the next 2 minutes, the two of you that does not believe in the death penalty will change your mind and believe in it. The two of you that believe in the death penalty will also change your mind not to believe in the death penalty.

The 4 Leaders—No way no way

I want the four of you to picture you family, including your mother, your father, your sisters 8 and 10 years old, your grand mother in a room watching TV. All of a sudden a person breaks into your home shoots everyone except your father in their legs and arms, then makes your father tie everyone up. He then shoot your father in his legs and arms. The intruder then rapes your mother your two sisters and your


grandmother. Then he pours gasoline on everyone, lights a match and leaves laughing. The two of you that didn’t believe in the death penalty. Now what do you believe.

Both agree

John F – Now in the next two minutes I say all will change your minds and not believe in the death penalty. Picture the exact scenario, he lights the match and leaves laughing. Would you want the death penalty where he will suffer for about 1 min. then go into the big sleep with no more pain or suffering or wouldn’t it be better for him to live to100 years old, and wake up every day getting a hammer to his dick, then sitting in horse shit for 18 hours a day in 10 or 100̊ weather, peeling potatoes which would be his only food that he eats every day.

All four agree with no death penalty

John F – The morel to those stories is most people answer to fast without thinking. I am going to propose something to you and I don’t want an answer today. I want the four of you to give it some serious thought and call me tomorrow. I will have four giant complexes built with a state-of-the-art gym, swimming pool, card tables, pool tables, basketball court etc. you can keep your same name but change gang to club you won’t need to harm or kill anyone. You all


receive a minimum of 2000 points each per month even if you choose to do nothing. Or you can get 6000 or 12,000 points per month if any of you want to help run our beautiful country.

One leader – that sounds great I don’t have to think about it count me in.

Another leader – me too I want in also.

Third leader – I will talk to my people and let you know tomorrow

Fourth leader – same here I will let you know tomorrow

Next scene – a non-scripted debate between John F and a multi-millionaire. About 10 min.

Next scene – Joe and Julie turn on the news.

Joan and Sam talk about the debate, then compare the old system with the new.

Joan – That was really a one-sided outcome. John F really shot his opponent down and buried him.

Sam – Hi everyone, today on this first anniversary of our new system we are going to do some comparing with the old system and the new system. Let’s take


the most famous trial in United States history which was the O.J. Simpson trial if lasted about a year. It interrupted hundreds of people’s lives. There were thousands of very dumb questions to people who took the stand. Like what was the flavor of the ice cream Nicole eat after dinner. (Sarcastic) That was the key question that got him acquitted. About 35% of all the prisoners have been released after taking a lie in speech detector test. Some of them were put in jail by unscrupulous district attorneys and law enforcement officers who knew for a fact they were innocent but didn’t care if they rotted in jail for life. What goes around comes around because every DA also had to take a lie and speech detector test. In this last year over 1000 districts attorneys received a long jail sentence after failing both tests. In the past, trials have lasted months and months and at the end we still didn’t know if the verdict was right or wrong or the accused was innocent or guilty. Now instead of months and months, it takes only hours. It’s not a perfect system, but being wrong 20% of the time is better than being wrong 35%.

Joan – let’s take a look at some of the innocent convicts that have taken lie and speech detector tests and have been released. Also let’s take a look at some district attorneys who knowingly prosecuted innocent people.


At this point of the movie (about 20 min). Show true cases of innocent people and how long they spent in jail and then released also true stories about district attorneys being brought in for their tests, and after failing being arrested and giving a sentence of twice the amount of years that the person they put away got. Barry Scheck could provide those cases

Joan – many new schools have been built in this last year. Instead of an average of 30 kids in each classroom, now the averages 15. Every student has the opportunity to go to college because money is not in the equation. History, geography, algebra, and science, have been eliminated from grade school and high school and have been replaced by learning how to care and share and how bad drugs are. Learning about Jesus’s life and the Bible.

Next scene – a fourth-grade classroom

Teacher – can anyone tell the class what he or she thinks about the new system of having no money.

A student-- It’s the best thing that happened to me and my family, my parents were always fighting about money, they probably would be divorced if it wasn’t for the change. My father is a garbage man and my mom was a waitress. She quit her job and still gets 2000 points a month. She stays home and cooks for


us every night. My dad makes 12,000 points a month and now and we all love the new system.

Teacher – That’s a great story. The divorce rate went from 50% down to 20%

Another student – before I tell you what I think about the new system, can I tell you something about sex.

Teacher – okay but keep it clean.

Student--One day the long ranger was surrounded by 25 Indians and he only had six bullets and one gun. He killed all 25 Indians. Students sits down.

Teacher – what does that have to do with sex

Student – You said to keep it clean, but if you still want to know, don’t ever try to fuck the long-ranger.

Teacher – okay that was pretty funny you anything to say about the point system

Student –No, but do you think laughter is the best medicine

Teacher – yes

Student – I disagree and say beer and a Percocet is better. --- Just kidding I’m going to be a comedian


Teacher – Sit down

Another student – What I don’t like is there is no more history and geography.

Teacher-- you can learn history and geography when you go to college and only if you choose to. Those subjects are substituted with the Bible and Jesus and Nutrition.

Student – I guess you’re right and I do agree with eliminating science and algebra. I also love no more commercials on TV

Teacher – anyone else

Another student--My father hates it. Last year he made $100,000 dollars now he only makes 6000 points a month.

Teacher – Each point is equal to more than one and a half dollars because there is no income tax no tax of any kind plus he has no phone or letter garbage and water bills so actually making more than he did last year

student – I’m going to have a talk with my knucklehead father.

Another student– Most adults have an abundance of talent, like building bridges, airplanes, sky scrapers, etc. but when it comes to common sense, there is


very little, like why did it take forever to change putting tolls at one end of a tunnel or bridge instead of both ends, and just charge double which would make the same amount. Now it’s all free with less traffic. How about gas three dollars and 55.9 cents a gallon, that’s the dumbest thing ever. Gasoline is over .15 cents difference at gas stations, what’s with a tenth of a penny. Now there is only one type of gas and it’s 2 points a gallon. Another dumb thing is that poisonous alcohol and poisonous cigarettes were legal and marijuana was illegal. How about If a plane crashed into the ocean I guess everyone will die except for the people that put their seats in the upright position. How dumb is that. Any one that disagrees with this new system is dumb and/or has no compassion for their fellow man. No one person ever ask to be born, so we all should be treated as equals. Money was a disease. Thank God for our new way of life.

Teacher – that was very well spoken, I totally agree with you

Next scene—News bulletin—An antidote for the poison is found!!! The ex president tells everyone that money will be put in force. People protest and do not want money back.

Next scene – Joey and Jack at the car lot

Joey – you know, there’s a big difference between getting 2000 and 6000 points a month. Can you imagined garbage men getting 12,000 a month and driving Porsches.

Jack – what can we do to get fucken12,000 points a month


Joey – Doctors, Professors, Policemen, Firemen, it’s got to be something that’s really is dirty or take a lot of schooling.

Jack ya want to be fucken cops.

Joey yeah let’s do it.

Next scene – one year later at the dining table. Joey in his cop uniform Joey’s girlfriend Penny and his mom and dad.

Joe – I’m really proud of you Joey. You’re making twice what I make. This country in its best times didn’t come close to the way it is now

Julia – There is so much love, kindness, and respect with most people. I’m glad they put all the rotten district attorneys in jail, how did they ever sleep at night.

Joey – Hey Pop, you can actually retire, I don’t need 12 K a month. Mom gets 2K you would get 2k that would be a total of 16 K a month

Joe – that’s real nice of your son, but I would be bored and go crazy doing nothing.


Joey – well in that case gong to lease a Porsche, it’s only one thousand points a month.

Joe-- I can’t believe it didn’t happen sooner. It’s better for over 95% of all the people in the United States . Before it was doggy dog, six, corrupt, AIDS infected, druggies, murdering, stealing, conning, money hungry way of life. All because of filthy rotten money.

How about you Penny what do you think.

Penny – Two years ago when it first started I was a waitress trying to save enough money to go to college. Now getting 2000 points a month. I’m going to college to become a doctor. For me it’s a miracle.

Joey – parents don’t name their kids Penny anymore, now the name them pointy.

Joe – you’re funny.

Joey – what you mean funny –

Next scene—verbatim scene from “Goodfella’s between Joe and Joey

Joey- When the scene is over Joey still has his gun pulled out and shoots the TV six times. I never get to use my gun, there’s no crimes. Anyway that old piece of shit seen better days. I am getting you one of those big-screen jobs which I can afford. I’m rich.


Penny – you people are crazy.

Julie – let’s eat

Joey – steak again, I’m getting sick of steak, I want pasta.

Joe is right

Joey – stands up and puts his hand on his gun – what do you mean right, how right.

Joe – sit down your knucklehead and don’t shoot anything else.

Julie – I saw on TV today Canada Is going to disappearing points, maybe the whole world will get rid of money. 2000 years ago the Bible said it would happen.

Joey – I wonder what’s happening to all the millionaire ballplayers

Joe most of them are still playing.

Joey – how about all the wiseguys and all the politicians.


Joe – some are doing something else and making 12,000 points a month and some making six thousand and some are doing nothing and making 2000 points.

Next scene – Filipelli giving the speech

Clinton, Bush, Carter, Ford, it doesn’t matter who is president. A Democrat or Republican doesn’t matter. Money runs I should say ruins this country. This country is in a declining rut, most everyone in the country is in a declining rut. If you do a chart from the roaring 20s until today, there were ups and downs but the bottom line is right now it was heading for disaster with only one way to save it. Money has to be gone with the wind and make all drugs legal. It’s really very simple. 90% of all crimes has to do with money and or drugs Analyze, realize it, and do something about it. Do not say I’m only one person. Disappearing points will benefit over 95% of us. It would be about 250 million people that will benefit greatly from this change against 250,000 superrich that will not. Some people might say disappearing points instead of money will kill the American dream. Yes it will, that’s a very small downside. it will stop some people from achieving big wealth, ans millions in the bank, a collection of exotic cars, planes, yachts, I say big fucking deal. Isn’t it much better to feed all starving children, shelter all homeless people, help all the poor etc. Also very few people stop and realize that out of the 90% employed people which is approximately 240,000,000 workers,


160 million have unnecessary jobs and they’re walking into walls upside down and sideways. These hundred and 60 million jobs are of course unnecessary once money is eliminated. That means unemployment would be about 65% not 9 or 10%. It also means kindness, fairness, sharing, caring and happiness for almost all. The part of the super rich 5% that agrees and gladly gives up their money are to be really congratulated and admired. The part of the 5% that bitch, are saying screw the starving, screw the poor, and screw the homeless. I say fuck them, they greedy, lousy scumbags. They made money there God instead of being more like Jesus, I made this movie for one reason and one reason only. That’s to save this beautiful country. The odds are in our favor to accomplish this. It would be 250 million people that want it against 250,000 people that don’t. The only way we can lose is if we wimp out and do nothing. Peaceful protests is the answer. When you leave this theater, don’t stop talking to others about it. Do it for your children and your children’s children. We would be achieving the greatest change have. We would be getting out of our declining rut. I have inventions that will probably make me a multimillionaire not to mention this movie making multimillions. I would give it all up in a New York Minute.