Limited Liability Partnership



$5,000 per share. One share minimum, and 10 shares maximum. All monies will be used to purchase Race horses

                                                                            Assets of Partnership

  1. (1)     100% interest in all horses owned by partnership.
  2. (2)     100,000 shares of Nanoflex Inc. a Florida Corporation.
  3. (3)     50% interest In the Nanoflex 8 point race horse  recondition program.
  4. (4)     25% interest In a screen play “Money is Gone With the Wind” There has NEVER been play, book , or  movie like it.
  5. (5)     50% interest in a Multi-Million Dollar Medical Invention.
  6. (6)     25% interest in a proven Baseball recondition program. An ERA is lowered by apx. 30 % and a batting average is raised by apx. 30 points.



Each of these assets have Multi-Million dollar potential.  Any one of these assets can more than double your investment. The reason I’m putting all these assets into this partnership is to prove the 8 point program and the Nanoflex Horseshoes. Once proven, all original investors will have an option to purchase shares in Nanoflex Inc. at $1.00 per share. Shares are now at .50 each. Also once proven the shoes will be a run a way.

                                                    Assets of Nanoflex Inc.

  1. (1)     A fully paid mold that can produce over 250,000 shoes per week. Manufacturing cost is $6.00 per set of 4. They retail for $44.00 a set of 4, and the distributors price is $24.00 per set. There are over 100 million horses worldwide, of which apx. 50 million get shoes put on every 3 to 8 weeks. Nanoflex Inc. is Patent Pending in over 150 countries.
  2. (2)     50% interest in the 8 point recondition program for race horses.
  3. (3)     75% interest in “Money is Gone With the Wind” A written screen play that will make a great movie.
  4. (4)     75% interest in the recondition baseball theory.

                                                      Return on Investment

  1. (1)     10% interest on your investment, payable quarterly, plus profits from your shares in the partnership.
  2. (2)     A 90 day option to purchase up to an additional 10 shares in the partnership.
  3. (3)     The General Partner is John Filipelli and receives 50% of the profit, and the limited partners receive 50% of the partnership.

                                                        Other Benefits

  1. (1)     Inside information when any horse is racing and their % of winning.
  2. (2)     You and your family and friends can go to the barn area and see the partnerships horses.
  3. (3)     Winners circle pictures. All horses have an excellent chance of winning their first start because of the shoes and the 8 point program!   

More info go to www.nanoflexinc,com  or John Filipelli 954-857-6337 /


 *Nanoflex Inc. is a Florida Corp. established in 2007. It is a private
 Company mainly owned by John Filipelli. (Apx 60%) Shares can be bought for one dollar per share at this time. The objective is to go public

 *(1) Flexible Horseshoes---(Patent Pending in 10 countries)  Multi-Millions per year potential.

 *(2) MEDICAL INVENTION (Patent Pending) “THE BUDDY” Multi- Millions per year potential!!!*

This invention replaces the tape that holds the IV in place. After an
 IV is put into a person’s vein, tape is put on to hold the IV in place. This tape sometimes causes a rash from the adhesive. It also causes   an itch, which can’t be scratched, because it is under the tape. When the
tape is being removed, it ALWAYS causes pain, to different degrees, from excruciating to mild. It also causes a person’s hair to be pulled out
from the person’s skin. People with a lot of hair go through the
excruciating pain for up to two minutes and sometimes more.
Hair is pulled out from the skin as the tape is taken off. This
invention also looks much more professional. Instead of four or five
pieces of tape holding the IV in place, this invention is a piece of material or a substance like material, about three inches wide by ten inches long, and 1/6 thick. In the center of this substance like material there is a hole about 3/8’s of an inch. This hole is circled
around the part of the IV that sticks out from the vein. The substance is then wrapped around the person’s entire arm. A piece of tape, (apx. 10 inches) is wrap around the persons arm and connect to the other side of the tape, not torching any part of the person’s skin, which holds the IV in place, causing no itch, rash, or pain when being removed.

(3)                           EIGHT POINT PROGRAM

  Over 90% of all thro-bred trainers race their horses on an average once every three weeks. Their thinking is rest and drugs. They breeze (train) their horses ONLY once or twice during those three weeks! They breeze them about ¾ of the distance they will race! (Read and analyze those last two sentences) They absolutely make no sense!!! Thro-bred horses are given 2 or 3 days rest, after each race, only walking about 30 minutes per day. The rest of the day they stay in a 10x10 stall. It’s equal to you being cooped up in your bathroom 23 hours a day!!!. (If horses could talk)  Over 80% of all thro-breds have lameness problems, plus they get tired in the last quarter of every race because of their ridicules conditioning and training!!!  Just imagine a basketball player, football player, tennis player, or a boxer etc. were UNDER conditioned what would happen. Proper conditioning prevents a large portion of the 80% lameness, and improves their endurance in the last quarter of their race. It is simple common sense. Nanoflex Inc. races their horses 3 to 4 times a month, and breezes them ¼ of a mile over their race distance! This type of condition gives them much more stamina & endurance for the last quarter. The Nanoflex horseshoes along with the reconditioning parts of the 8 point program, preventing a lot of lameness!! These first two points of my program equals an average of 2 seconds improvement per mile in thro-bred races, and 1 second improvement in standeredbred races, which equals multi-millions of dollars in higher earnings and much lower vet bills!!!


SWIMMING----Less than 2% of all race horses swim for conditioning. Over 90% of that 2% swim because they have some type of lameness. Nanoflex Inc swims each and every horse for conditioning. This point alone is sometimes a 1 second improvement.


THRO-BRED HORSES ON A JOG CART----Nanoflex Inc. puts both types of horses on a Jog Cart for 5 miles a day. This type of conditioning also helps with stamina & endurance. It makes stifles muscles, which are considered the motors of the horse much stronger.


RACING  FROM A FARM---Over 90% of all race horses race out of stalls at a race track. Nanoflex Inc. horses race apx. once a week from a farm. After their daily conditioning they are turned out in a field, running & playing as they wish.  


ENERGY MEDICINE PATCHES--- These patches are equal to  acupuncture treatment for the whole body. One patch is for pain, and one for energy. Less than one percent of all trainers even know about this amazing product.


NUTRITION----Nanoflex Inc. has a nutrition program second to none. This is the only part of the 8 point program that is kept secret. Nanoflex Inc. spends about $8.00 per day per horse. Most other trainers spend about $2.00 per day.


SPECIAL WATER----Water is very important for horses, drinking about 8 gallons per day. Nanoflex Inc. uses special equipment to treat water to change the molecules for the better.



The following article was in the ft. Laud. Sunsentinal newspaper.
              "Matsuzaka pitched 54 innings in
              11 days, including a 250 pitch 17
              inning complete game in the quar-
             terfinals and a no hitter two day's
             latter in the championship game. He
             threw an inning in relief the day be-
             tween those two games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
             He attributes his unbelievable great-
             ness to grueling condition."
If you are not reading that again and shaking your head, you don't know baseball.
The Red Sox gave Matsuzaka 115 million dollar signing bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is my condition method which will do even better than the above.

You do not have to believe it, just please don't disbelieve it.

I can lower an ERA by approximately 30%, & raise a batting apx. 40 points!


Amazingly pitchers will be able to pitch between 2 and 4 MPH faster! Pitcher's command of the strike zone is greatly improved close to almost pin point accuracy!


There are 3 separate avenues of improvement, Patches about 30%, Unique conditioning about 50% and mental conditioning about 20%.                                      


Imagine an Olympic runner, or swimmer trained with 4 or 5 days rest,  it would be a total disaster! They train at least 6 day's a week at a grueling pace. Jimmy Conners trained ALL OUT after ONE day rest!

Jai-lai players throw about 100 times a day 6 days a week 150 mph and 200 throws 2 days a week with little to no soreness.


  • We all know that control is the key to pitching. Great stuff and speed is nothing without control.
  • My program will improve control to near pin point accuracy.
  • Every pitcher will improve to varying degrees.  
  • About 40 years ago it was determined that a human arm could pitch about 20 pitches a day about 4 or 5 days a week. Enter "The Closer" With my program, pitchers will recover sooner and actually could pitch over 100 pitches every day, with less soreness than pitching every five days!

Hitters will not only increase their average, but they will strike out less, hit the ball harder, hit more home runs, & base runners will run about 10% faster!


I need one pitcher and one catcher for three weeks to prove my program, although you will start to see some results within one week!  


 I am looking for only one team in each league to share this amazing discovery. The teams that use my program will play over .650 baseball!!!!!!   


(5) Safe Hopples---(patent pending) An invention for standard bred pacers, that all will have with in apx. two years. The existing hopples have caused accidents hurting and possible killing drivers and horses in the past. The "Safe Hopple" eliminates ALL accidents, plus it is easier to put on. Three Hundred Thousand Dollar per year potential.*

(6) Twin Hitch---(patent pending) An invention to make standard bred sulky's track more true, which makes the horse go apx. 1/2 second faster per mile. Two Hundred Thousand Dollar per year potential.


(7) The Movie ---(copy written) There has NEVER EVER been a
 book, movie, or play like "MONEY IS GONE WITH THE WIND" 



                                    The Filipelli's