Comparison Chart

Blood Circulation between hoof and knee 80% 20%
Hoof Lameness Prevents Over 80% Causes Over 80%
Other Horse Lameness Prevents Over 40% Causes Over 40%
Loosens Much Less Much more
Resetting Horseshoes Yes Yes
Flexibility 100% 0%
Breaking Yearlings Absolute Must! Absolute Sin!
Hoof Wall Weakness Much Less Much More
Quarter Cracks Helps Prevent Helps Cause
Race Times Improves Hinders
Jump Heights Approx. 2" higher Approx. 2" lower
Farrier time Approx. 25 minutes Approx. 45 minutes
Weight 2 Oz. 4 to 16 Oz.
Stride Interference Less More
Horse Comfort Yes No
Contracted Heels Prevents Causes
Abrasion Very Good Excellent
Traction (Footing) Excellent Good
Gait Improves Hinders
Vet Bills Much Lower Much Higher

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