Frequently Asked Questions

(1) How long do they last?
They wear like aluminum. They stay on about 5 to 8 weeks.

(2) Do they need any kind of grab?

(3) What is the material?
Polyurethane, using Nanotechnology.

(4) Does heat or cold effect them?

(5) Can they be reset?

(6) What about sizes.
One size fits all.

(7) Is it better to glue or nail?
It is better to glue. When nailing use 4 nails on both sides and one in the center of the toe. Hammer all nails flush with the top of the shoe.

(8) What is the main difference between Metal and the "NanoFlex" shoes?
Lameness Prevention! - Much more Blood Circulating - Better Gait! - More Speed! - Less labor More Comfort - NIGHT & DAY BETTER!!!!!!!!

(9) Are the "NanoFlex" shoes for ALL horses?
Over 90%

(10) What about traction?
Nanofles shoes are reversible. One side has more grab than the other.

(11) What did Mr. Ed say?
Thank you , it's about time!!!!!!!!!